COM0015 – Blog Post #2 Strong&Weak

Now I may be bias because I work in the insurance industry and on a professional level follow a lot of insurance industry specific organizations. So the organizations that I found to have a solid social media strategy are Canadian Insurance Top Broker (CI Top Broker) and The Insurance Bureau of Canada(IBC). They are my go to for industry specific information and do a great job at getting that information out.

CITopBrokerCI Top Broker is continually talking about the hot topics in the insurance industry whether it has been published in their print or online magazine or in the news. Their Twitter feed and Facebook page are easy to keep up with and don’t flood them with posts. I am ultimately impressed with CI Top Broker because they are engaged with their followers, mentioning and re-tweeting posts.

IBC2IBC is focused on ensuring that their online platforms are used as an educational tool providing news, tips and statistics geared towards the not so insurance savvy person, information that makes sense. They continually ask questions to engage their viewers. Articles posted on their website are accompanied by social media icons, making it easy to share their quick and to the point articles.

I found it difficult to keep with the theme of insurance industry specific organizations. I did find a municipality that could use social media more effectively. The Region of Peel has a pretty robust website that is a great resource for what is going on in the region but by making the effort to transfer that information to their Twitter feed or Facebook, but aren’t using, they could potentially engage more citizens. They are missing out on staying in touch with their citizens.

We live in Canada and some would say that we have two seasons, winter and construction. The Region of Peel could use their Twitter feed to communicate to their citizens of road closures due to weather or construction as many other cities and regions are doing.


*images from Twitter – @CITopBroker, @InsuranceBureau, @TheRegionofPeel

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