NHL vs. People Magazine

The whole point of social media is to make your audience aware of what is going on in your organization and keep them up to date on the latest. It is also used to engage and connect with your audience on a different level. Twitter is a great example of a social media tool that has provided organizations and business with the ability to connect with their target markets or their audiences/consumers on a real-time basis. Sure, it could be difficult filtering through all of the responses you get to a particular tweet. And sure, you cannot respond to every reply you get to a tweet. However, with the use of a hashtag it has become increasingly easier to connect with your businesses followers but filtering the replies by searching that particular hashtag. That does not mean that you are going to respond to everyone but it does mean that you are able to narrow down the replies to that hashtag which is more than likely the main focus of your tweet and what you want the most feedback on.

Of course, the hashtag is not the only beneficial use of Twitter, its maximum 140 characters per tweet make your tweets straight to the point so that your followers do not have to peruse through a whole bunch of text to understand what you are trying to get across. There is also the benefit of posting links if necessary if your audience does want more information. Twitter also allows you to attach photos and videos, which again can catch a reader’s attention even before they have begun to read your tweet.

There are many organizations that I follow in particular that tweet fairly well. There are also organizations I follow that do not. I have many interests, from sports, to fashion, food and fitness. The world of Twitter has allowed it to be increasingly simple to follow all sorts of organizations and businesses to keep many others and myself in the loop with what is going on in those particular industries.

One organization I feel, as though has a strong Twitter presence would have to be the NHL account. With over 2 million followers they are amazing at keeping us all in the loop on a daily basis with what is going on. They tweet live scores, keep us informed on a stand out play that may have happened in a game we are not watching and much more. They are extremely good at retweeting other NHL organizations tweets to let us know what that particular team is saying about what is going on in their game, or any game in particular. The NHL account also tweets out general information. It lets us know who has been suspended and why by posting a link the watch the video with explanation, they tweet out polls to get the audiences advice, it also tweets links to articles in regards to alumni and what they are up too, upcoming players and their statistics, and much more. The account gets the job done when it comes to keeping their audience informed on almost everything imaginable when it comes to the NHL. If you want to know about it, they are probably tweeting about it.

Going off of the NHL Twitter account I also follow many individual team accounts such as the Ottawa Senators, Colorado Avalanche and Chicago Blackhawks. I really have to commend the Ottawa Senators on keeping their fans and audience in the loop with everything going on in the organization. They are always tweeting live scores whether the team is playing at home or away. They are always letting us know if someone is injured or if a great play was made. They also keep us informed on practices and tweet us links to what coach MacLean has to say about practice or the game or the team in general. They also send out links to videos chatting with the players about the game or goofing off asking them fun questions so that the fans can see them in a different light. The organization account also keeps us in the loop about charity events the team is apart of in the Ottawa area, or if there are any contests going on in regards to winning tickets and how to win them. The Ottawa Senators account really does engage with their audience and fans doing their best to keep everyone informed on the latest and with almost 200,000 followers, I think they are doing a fantastic job.

I also follow People Magazine on Twitter. They do a good job in tweeting the latest celebrity news and retweeting their sister accounts however, I find that they are getting old and tiresome. I see myself scrolling right past their tweets now and are not capturing my attention when it comes to the tweets they are sharing. I find that this may be because more recently they have just been tweeting the same tweets over and over. In one day, I believe I read the exact same tweet 7 or 8 times. Granted sometimes they add “Earlier:” to the beginning of the tweet just in case a reader did not see it before but the majority of the time they blatantly just tweet the exact same tweet they sent out 3 or 4 hours ago. Enough is enough in my eyes and they are going to start to lose their 5.2 million followers. Yes, their may only be so much celebrity news that they can tweet but if they do not have anything new to report do not report something you already sent out less than a few hours ago.  Even though they have a social media presence I feel as though their account is just one of those accounts that people follow to follow. I believe that if they started to tweet about things that would catch their audience’s attention like movie reviews for example, or the latest the music world rather than just tweet which celebrity had a baby or a picture of a good-looking celebrity, they would have a more engaged audiences. Yes, the gossip like tweets are fun to read every now and then and can be conversation starts but real informative information on the movie and music industry and even the fashion industry I find would really grab their audience’s attention and keep them around for a lot longer.

That is my 2 cents. Even though all the organizations I have a discussed have a strong followers background does not mean that they are using the social media tool to their advantage. I still feel strongly about the NHL and the Ottawa Senators organization and am proud to follow them and recommend their accounts to others to stay informed. However, even though People Magazine’s account has the most followers out of the accounts I feel as though they lack in what it really means to use social media. By continuing to tweet the exact tweet and by just retweeting their sister accounts and even retweeting the same tweet numerous times gets annoying. Which loses my attention and I do not even bother trying to read their tweets anymore. They need to step it up and understand their mistakes or many others are going to be just as annoyed as I am.

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