COM0015 – Strong and Weak Organizations

Paul Rushforth Team screenshot

Paul Rushforth Team screenshot

Since I have been following a lot of trends in the Ottawa real estate market, I decided to look at examples of brokerages that are leveraging or wasting their social media potential. The first example is the strong organization of Paul Rushforth Team. The brokerage isn’t even linked to any well-known realty brand, but does very well. They are using Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and LinkedIn regularly. On their Twitter feed, they are mixing new information with interactions and engagement. On their Facebook page, there is a great mix of engagement, information and listings. They also use their accounts to cross-post. For example, I found You Tube videos on their Facebook site, leading me to their channel. They also showcase each of these connections on the home page of their website, along with blog postings organized by reader they may appeal to. It seems they have a very effective system going for those social media previously mentioned. The Paul Rushforth team also runs a Podcast radio show for those who like to listen as information is presented to them. The only place they may benefit from an increase in effort is their Pinterest page. They only have one board and the board only has property videos.

Remax Canada's Facebook fan page

Remax Canada’s Facebook fan page

I found it difficult to find another strong organization that is working social media across the board. I found that the head office of Remax Canada is doing very well. Similar to Paul Rushforth Team, they have many different social media accounts and on their homepage, they have a whole section called ‘media newsroom’. This is where they have their blogs posted and anyone can look at commercial investor reports divided by province. Something else I found very impressive was that they had their Twitter and Pinterest accounts linked right on their Facebook fan page beneath the cover photo. Even though I found the Rushforth team accounts impressive, I thought this was a marvelous idea to promote across the platforms.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, it is not easy to find a real estate firm or company that is not at all using social media. Realtors are well aware that social media is one of the best things to ever happen to the real estate industry. I’ve been looking at Exit Realty Matrix for this and other classes, as they are in need of a social media boost. They had someone working for them in social media and set them up with numerous accounts. The only thing worse than not having any social media accounts is not maintaining them regularly. Exit Realty Matrix, and the ‘Tessier Team’ in particular, is doing okay as far as their Facebook account goes. Apart from the occasional contest, they tend to inundate subscribers with listings. Product information is only one of many things that should be included in your feeds on any social media platform. Their Twitter has barely been touched for months, their Pinterest either and their blog has been laying dormant since March 28th, 2013. They have all the tools and are not using them. Their strategy should be one of a multiple pronged approach.

–       They have already taken the first step I would recommend, which is to hire someone new to do their social media. I’ll be starting in the new year. 😉

–       monitor other sites for latest in real estate news and create their own content with similar information

–       start creating general content that would be of interest in their business to consumer aspect

–        keep a steady stream of content on all platforms

–       follower seeding

–       looking at their metrics to see what works and what doesn’t


Tessier team's lonely blog

Tessier team’s sleepy blog

If they start by taking these few steps, their currently ‘napping’ social network will get more traffic and increase their visibility. In real estate, a company needs to look impressive, at the top of their game, while maintaining a genuine connection with customers. Social media is one of the best ways that they can achieve all this and sell houses.

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