COM0014 – Blog # 7: Personal Reflection

My one major take away from this course has to be that the story is about me. No matter where my next career takes me and should I continue with a social meetia strategy beyond my current one, it will have to be personal, intimate and honest. If I can keep that up front in my communication I am sure there will be more successes than failures in my endeavours.

I must create interesting communication catered to the appropriate audience and that is likely to be the biggest challenge; who is my audience? What is my true purpose for this communication?

I have the greatest story to tell, the story of me! If I care enough to tell that story in an interesting and engaging manner, one might say almost legendary manner, then people will care to listen and turn on the tap to the two way conversation that will develop.

Before this course I was stuck in the format now I am focused on the content but with the appropriate messaging for the audience. If I can get my audience to know me better and trust me then they will trust my message. I don’t think it really is much more complicated than that but like everything writing styles will evolve. With this evolution I will have to be careful not to stray away from my audience so I must be vigilant in my listening.

I honestly believe that everything I do has an influence on how I do the next thing and when taking on courses such as this one that there has to be a take away or as I call it ‘a new tool for my tool box’. I just never thought the tool would be me…

Your Narrator – Bowser –

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