COM0014 – Blog # 6: Do People Know Your Story?

What is your secret wish for your business?

What an easy question, retirement of course.

You are now scratching your head and asking yourself “He wants a business so he can retire? Really” What is this smoking?

There is always a back story and mine is not overly complicated; I joined the Royal Canadian Navy back in 1980 and frankly I’m tired of getting up everyday and going to work on somebody else’s schedule. I want to set my own schedule and if needed why even have a schedule. If you’re reading this you have the same thought I do…Love the idea!!!

So how am I going to retire by having a business, well simple, golf will be my business and golf will never be work to me; more precisely golf instruction will be my business with a dream that it will be mostly an autumn and winter business from my retirement (from the navy) location on PEI. A great self-serve training facility with a driving range, putting and chipping area, pay by the hour for use and have a dedicated winter facility with indoor electronic (on screen) driving range. Of course the part about my schedule being completely in my control will revolve around my timings for the lessons but rest assured that Feb will be my time to golf down south. Wait…I have a great idea now for that part of the winter…organised golf trips for students…one week in Feb with me coaching you through 18 holes.

Another great way to take advantage of the business and not feel like I have to work another day in my life, why not join me at the 19th hole or just leave me a comment of where you would like the first trip planned. Fore!!

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