COM 0014 Blog Post 5 – Personal Brand

Well first of all I would like to say that working full-time, part-time on weekends, and taking classes at Algonquin is quite a success in itself and certainly deserves recognition. That being said, I think that encompasses my qualities as a hardworking and driven individual wanting to get ahead in life. It seems rather difficult these days finding people who are highly motivated and wanting to work from the ground up. Instead you get those who want to head straight to their preferred destination without going through any of the obstacles or challenges along the way. I am the example of someone starting from the bottom in a generation that is lacking in patience. I’ve been blessed with an amazing photographic memory and attention to detail that has served me well throughout the beginning stages of my career. I cannot forget the fact that I have completed an undergrad degree that provided me with a well-rounded liberal arts education. Also, I myself having common sense and being able to solve problems can certainly fall under a distinctive value as I have come to understand it is not the norm. People generally tell me I have a calm and collect demeanour even under pressure when various tasks have been unfolded and need to be completed in a timely fashion. I guess I could thank myself for embracing my true qualities and traits but I certainly cannot forget my family upbringing.

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