COMM0014 – Blog Post #5: Personal Brand

I will perform at the level I dream to be.

You can too! The first things to do when you get a new job are review the job description, and then add ten objectives to it. Think: there is no task or responsibility “above my pay grade.”  I would contend that the tasks that are beyond the scope of your current position are the ones to most eagerly pursue. My opinion is that the best way to compete with others at your level for a new opportunity is to have already mastered as many of the new or more difficult tasks as possible before the competition begins. I personally strive to be an employee who is willing to learn, adapt, take on new challenges, identify problems and find solutions.

I am driven, intelligent, responsible, predictable, consistent, and reliable. I deliver high quality results with minimal lead time, and I try to make these facts known. I also make it a priority to do the jobs no one in a Communications environment wants to do, but that need doing – such as human resources management and contracting and expenditures tracking. Once I’m a manager I’ll be responsible for staff and budgets, and the more exposure I can get ahead of my cohort, the better off I’ll be. What’s more, I always offer to prepare the agendas and briefing materials for senior management meetings. While I often don’t attend the meetings, offering to compile this information and disseminate it affords me the opportunity to engage with senior management personnel and allows me to familiarize myself with the most pressing issues facing the organization.

I work hard to gain and maintain the respect of my peers, direct reports and superiors. Knowing that my employees would often be required to work overtime and irregular hours, I volunteered to also work an irregular shift to show my support to the team. I align my goals with those of my superiors, and work to anticipate their needs and resolve them before a problem arises.

Finally, I dress the part, looking every day as if I’m going to a job interview. One day, I could be called on to deliver an important document to a senior manager, or replace someone in a meeting, and I’ll be ready when my time comes.  I had a manager once tell me that he judges an employee by the functionality of the shoes they wear. I wear shoes that allow me to run down the hall, because you never know when you’ll be called on to take care of something urgent and important. Always be ready!

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