COM 0014 BLOG POST  #5




Experienced, career driven professional who has worked in a number of countries in four different continents.  The personal brand in terms of promoting oneself, or myself, is all about bringing experience, and confidence to an organization.

I am currently working on my masters degree to broaden my communication tools and to have a better understanding of management styles in the very competitive workforce today.


Given my many years of managing a small team working in news and current affairs, I have become very adaptable working in constantly changing environments, with people working under very difficult situations and under tight deadlines.  I am very organized and I am able to juggle various demands both on a long term and short term basis.  This characteristic is very important in promoting oneself for an organization because it helps to emphasize the first selling point of being experienced.


If you are looking for someone with experience, who works well with others on projects that are deadline driven, then I am your person.  My twenty plus years working in the communications industry, particularly in news and current affairs,  has given me a unique perspective as to what tools and strategies one can use to ensure his/her message is appropriate.   My job is to use my experience, attention to detail and organizational abilities to make your organization have the best in communications.


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