COMM0014-Blog Post 4: The Case of Harry Nowell

Who’s shooting what in Ottawa photography this weekend? What is your favourite camera? What was your first camera? Are simple questions asked by Ottawa photographer and instructor Harry Nowell. They may be simple questions, but they keep his friends and clients engaged in his photography business.

Harry Nowell Photography offers group workshops and private lessons. Recently, he has expanded his business to include online learning. Students can login each week at a time that it is convenient for them. Weekly lessons include a video demonstration and an assignment which is posted for other students to view and comment on.

Questions are only part of Harry’s social media mix. He posts tips and techniques on how to improve your photos. He also publicizes other peoples events and blogs – yes other people’s photo related blogs are well used to keep his friends, followers and subscribers aware of his business and photography in general.

Another great social media tool Harry uses are contests. Most are quick and easy. For example this week’s contest is to enter your favourite selfie. The winner gets to attend his Selfie Photo Workshop for free. These contests which are posted on his blog, Facebook and Twitter, invites the public to enter, view and vote. All of which are great for building an audience, engaging them and getting them to return to his site.

Harry Nowell’s use of social media is, well, sociable. There are no hard-sell posts. I know about his son “Q”, his two dogs and the camera he is making in his garage (way cool Harry!). In very short regular posts we have gotten to know both him and his business.

Is his strategy working? I regularly comment on his posts, which is then followed by my circle. I have seen some of my friends comment on the posts too, which means he is able to grow his audience through other people’s connections. And as a photography teacher myself, I might sign-up for some of his workshops too! So yea, I would say it is working just fine.

One thought on “COMM0014-Blog Post 4: The Case of Harry Nowell

  1. Thank you for posting about Harry. I will definately look him up and probably use his online services at some point. I love photography (I guess I can place myself in the ‘enthusiastic amateur’) and I always try to improve myself. This might be an awesome medium to allow me to get better at photography even if Im super busy.
    I love this blog and how I learn so many different things. 🙂

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