COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study

Golf Town, love or hate the big box store it is here to stay. This one might want to stick to the bricks and mortar or have an honest look at its online presence., if you look way at the bottom you can find the links to its other SM ventures. It will be a short journey.

I fully realize the need for marketing and in the end social media might be the cheapest and easiest marketing tool for big business, but at what real cost to us the consumer, the C in B2C.

I have no problem with the web site, just what we would all expect from a brick and mortar foray into the web. Flashy colours (although very busy), interesting deal of the day feature with a countdown, and the whole experience is surprisingly not clunky. Great email newsletter feature which I receive daily.

The remaining social media experience is more flash than substance; Tweeter is tweet after tweet of the same web site sales pitch with the odd job post, not enough interest to even get this avid golfer to follow. YouTube is nothing more than an archive for TV ads, again did not subscribe.

Facebook is the only place where there is any considerable two way communication (most of the time) all of the replies to negative customer feedback feels canned (it was even noted on one comment, see post from Jul 30th you won’t forget this frank expression of frustration) and redirects the conversation to one-on-one email. While this may alleviate the complaint with the customer it leaves the remaining viewers (at least this one) guessing if the complaint was resolved; with no further customer comments on the post I can only assume it was resolved. Beyond the comments section the FB page was more of the same sales pitch. Don’t confuse this statement “I ‘Liked’ their page”.

This SM strategy does not work for me; nobody needs to get basically the same information from a web site, email news letter, tweeter feed, YouTube Video and Facebook. One is all I need and one is all I use, and FB, well I’m stalking that page for complaints.

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