COMM0014 – Blog Post #4: B2C Case Study

Four years in marketing research, gave me an eye for competition. I hereby present you one of my favorite companies in terms of social media engagement ! Heineken is one of the leaders in terms of building long term relationships, engagement and strengthening the bonds with their brand. No matter the subject (taboo one like create awareness for alcohol over-consumption, or just crowdsourcing the redesign of the trademark bottle to celebrate their 140th anniversary) Heineken is first in class.

How? By researching their audience, Heineken identifies the need, comes up with innovative and fun ideas, engaging concepts and uses platforms that enable communication with the brand, user interactions and advocacy. Contests, packaging suggestions, or create your own ”Serenade” for Valentine’s Day (over 5 million Likes of the Facebook app) are just few examples.

Example #1: Heineken started a conversation about people who drink too many beers during their nights out with their friends. With an entertaining concept and pages created on Facebook, Netlog and MySpace, 5 crazy archetypes were created and the target audiences had to match their friends with one of the characters. “Know The Signs” reached 5 million targets online, over 1 million site visitors, 150.000 hours of active brand engagement, over 5.000 positive consumer reviews, a lift in prompt awareness and likeability of 11%, within the exposed target audience.

Example #2: Why sending a project to a research agency when you can use your fan data base to unlock creativity, bring to the surface unbiased and fresh concepts about your packaging, create brand exposure, and make your customers engaged and loyal to your brand. With  Heineken got 1700 entries in “Your future bottle” contest for a limited edition bottle to celebrate their 140th anniversary

Useful link: engaging touch points on social media blog (Heineken masters some of them)

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