COM0011-521 Post #6 Effective Content – The Learning

SMP FacebookMy business called Social Media Pursuit would benefit from content that was geared to my small business clients at a very basic social media start-up stage. My content would need to take the “fear” out of social media and at the same time educating and demonstrating how to use Facebook. My content needs to be laced with humour, as that reflects me and my customer relationship, simple relevant content and only posting on my SMP Facebook page which is the main social media forum my customers are most familiar with at their early stage of social media development. social-media-gurus

Prior to this course I have not posted much on my SMP Facebook page as most of my customers are not there yet. But while taking this course I realized that as part of my “package” my customers must take the first step by “liking” my SMP Facebook page as part of the contract. Making it mandatory. Keeping them engaged in my business. Engaging them weekly. Through this medium I can focus my postings on educating my clients. I can post content relevant to my customers industry and despite their social media preparedness, I can inspire, motivate, educate and gently move them ahead in the only social media forum that they are already using personally and sometimes professionally.

If my content stays focused to educating my clients in social media, I will be fortunate to increase my page “likes” , inspire my current customers to hire me again as I educate their marketing needs and increase my social media street cred. Everyone wins.

P.S. Great example of ROI!

Kerry Tilden

3 thoughts on “COM0011-521 Post #6 Effective Content – The Learning

  1. 2 things that I liked about this entry were:
    1. That you used illustrations that can give the reader an idea to what you will be talking about, because some people analyze illustrations before they go on to read what the actual article or post is about.
    2. I agree with you on using social media to engage your clients, especially if your clients are coming to you to learn about how social media works. And having you and your client connected via social media creates a business-client relationship that could last as long as they keep coming back to you, where as if you give them your website address or a business card, its gone from their hand by the time they are set to meet with you again at a later date.
    I also believe that based on the number of “Likes” you or another business may get it shows that people are always interested in what you have to offer.

    I personally, think that once I official offer my services to the general public that I will use your approach to bring customers me to, whether they will use me only once or even if they use me more than once.

    • Feedback is always good. thank you so much. I am bubbling with ideas and when I finished posting I sent one of my clients the link to my SMP Facebook page explaining its new direction. Best of luck in your SM quest too.

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