COM0011- (521): Blog post 5: The difference in terms of good or bad content

The difference in terms of good or bad content various one person to another. Something that may seem good one person, maybe seem bad to another person.

According to WP Reads:

A good content is defined as a website that talks to your audience and can solve their problems, and answer questions and provide information to those who need.

An Public Relations professor here at Algonquin College defined good content, as content that can convey your message to your reader in less than 1 minute, this because people nowadays, don’t have enough time to sit and read something, they mostly skim through things that relate to their interest, then come back to it at later time.

A bad or not so good content is defined as:  content that is just for search engine use…that basically leads to good content. Or it is content that does not convey the right purpose of your message to your audience or takes time for the reader to understand what message is trying to say.

Also there are 5 types of contents that make attribute to a content being evaluated as a good content they are:

– Fan Content
– Behind- the- Scenes Content
– Share-able Content
– Exclusive Content
– Participatory Content






– Saber Nawaz

P.S: This posted maybe furthered edited.

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