COM0011 (521): Blog Post – 3

 Q: How is social media being used in your industry? Find both good and not-so-good examples of social media use.

Being a student who wants to be a part of the media industry, I find that social media is used everyday and every hour…in fact I think I’d be better off saying that the media industry uses social media 24/7, either you’re a journalist, a DJ, a Freelancer – your always on a social media site such as: Facebook or Twitter look for something to convey to your audience.

A good example of social media use would be: If someone goes on twitter and follows people who share a common interest let it be a professional or personal. For example: On my twitter, I follow journalists like: Stuntman Stu, Lianne Laing, CTV Ottawa and other types of journalists because I know that if I follow them, I can stay up to date on whats going on in your community or internationally, without having to be in front of a television or at a computer.


A bad or not so good example of social media use would be: If company  use social media such as twitter or Facebook to their advantage to spy on/ monitor their employee’s activities. For example: Person A working for lets say Cisco has a bad day, and vents his frustration on Facebook, then Person B from the company anonymously reports that, and the Cisco fires that employee. Then there is somewhat of an invasion of  Person A’s privacy.

Not sure if my examples are accurate enough, but this what I understood from what was being asked.


– Saber Nawaz

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