COM0011 – (521): Blog 6: What types of content do you see as being most effective for company, personal brand, or organization

As of May 2011, I own a small business, and what offer to my clients who are currently family and friends are media related services such as: Photography (mostly), basic web design, basic graphic design, Film production, script-writing, and creative advertisement. Now when we talk about the types of content that I would believe be the most effective for my company, personal brand, and/or organization, its hard to say.

I believe the type of content that would be most effective or someone what the ones that could be relevant to the top 5 contents listed by Caroline Capern who is the author of The 5 Essential Types of Social Media Content for CW Magazine.

Out of Caroline’s list of social media content(s) the ones that would suit my business or personal brand would be:

– Awareness content
– Engagement content
– Evaluation content
– Decision content
– Purchase content

All these contents are important and effective way to draw people to me too sell my services to them.  All of the above content are connected, if you don’t have one or the other then your social media is offering a complete content to the audience.

I hope that once all these contents are applied to my business that I’ll be able to get more customers, should I decide to make this a full- time career.


– Saber Nawaz


One thought on “COM0011 – (521): Blog 6: What types of content do you see as being most effective for company, personal brand, or organization

  1. Thanks for the link to this article. I found it very concise and insightful into social media users’ motivations for being online (e.g. entertainment, connections and then buying). It was also interesting to hear that traditional marketing specialists are seeing changes in decision making pathways and in buying patterns. It reinforces what Eric Qualman said in his book Socialnomics about how people now go to their social networks for purchasing advice before they go to Google. Social media is affecting consumer behaviour. I also appreciated the analysis of the different types of content and how the model can be used to develop relationships with your audience–something I may use during our next content brainstorming session!

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