Story About the Effectiveness of Social Media

Hi everyone,

I thought I would share a story with you I just saw on the local news.  It was a documentary titled “The Road to Coming out”  that a man created to document his journey coming out to his friends and family.  His journey started in Vancouver and he made stops along the way to tell his family and friends that he is gay.  The news clip showed him using social media to assist him in coming out to his loved ones.  The documentary showed his moms reaction which was especially touching to have this on camera.  He uploaded his video to youtube and has had over 10,000 views in just a few weeks. He said he was taking advantage the power of social media.

This is the link to the newsclip

This is the youtube link,

I thought it was a nice story about someone using social media for such a strong and positive message.

2 thoughts on “Story About the Effectiveness of Social Media

  1. Wow! I just watched the CTV newsclip and I will now move on to Mike’s video on Youtube. What a courageous young man. I am very happy to have read about him in your post. I said it many times before, I really enjoy reading this blog, I learn so much about so many different things! This post is exactly what what social media needed. Too many times social media is portrayed as ‘evil’ and negative. Too many social media stories we hear about are about bullying, violence and suicide. Good on Mike for posting his journey and show the world that social media can have a positive impact on people and it can change their lives. Maybe a young gay person will see this video and realize there is nothing wrong with them and that they are not alone. Maybe after seeing this, they will be able to reach out and maybe this time, social media will help preventing the suicide of another young person… More stories like that are need in our world.

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