COM0011-521 Blog post #6 Love is the most effective content for my business


There are many content are effective a personal brand. For me, I am an art teacher now, the most effective content is love.

I am a teacher for many years, but it is my history in China. I have to make a new start in Canada. Social media is a communication tool, it helps me a lot at the beginning.

Teaching art is not a common business, it is not sale real products, but teaching intangible art ability. Meanwhile, teaching is not just a business, but education. I have to communicate with the parents and let them trust me.

To run my business, I must love art and my students.

Art teacher must have good art skills and know how to teach the students. If an art teacher doesn’t like drawing, he or she must be a terrible teacher. Only when someone really loves drawing, they can draw beautiful pictures with skill.

Love students is essential for a teacher.Even though some artist are good at drawing, but they don’t know how to teach. With love, they will improve the teaching skills.I love my students, they are so cute and innocent. I would like to improve my art and teaching skills for them. I think love is two-way communication, kids can feel my love, and they love me too. When I see their improvement in my class, I feel happier than their parents.

I think whatever the business is, publish praise is better than all kinds of advertise. Love is most effective content for my art class. When the parents and students can feel my love and passion, it is Word-of-mouth advertising, they will tell their friends. No one can build a personal brand in short time, but I think with step by step work, it will be better in the future.

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