COM0011-521Blog Post#6 Having Fun is Effective Content


Do you want to have fun and receive health benefits at the same time?

The most appealing content that would be most effective for my company, personal brand and business would be anything involving the physical action of yoga.  Yoga classes in session, videos, pictures, and text about the whole experience.  Blogs about peoples yoga experience, how they are feeling as they practice and the benefits that they receive from taking part in it.  Testimonials truly speak for themselves!  Especially more so when positive feedback is outside of a businesses website, for example Youtube, or when a business website is linkable on a blog (increasing SEO, this is what is so important).  People want to hear real customer reviews rather than reviews from business owners.  Of course, business owners will only have good things to say about their own business.

The “how to’s” (and what not to do) of yoga are really popular.  When people are apprehensive about trying yoga and these see videos, and pictures where people are happy, smiling and having fun it’s more effective because it’s more interesting.  Who doesn’t want to have fun and feel healthy at the same time?

Julie Pangilinan

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