COM0011-521Blog Post#5 The Perfect Formula to a SM Campaign.


As social media continues to evolve, there is NO SET FORMULA,  that defines a perfect campaign, sorry…

As much as I love combo #1 with a diet coke, In January 2012, McDonalds launched a Twitter campaign using the hashtag#McDStories.  They asked users to post  stories about their experiences on Happy Meals, however, the campaign quickly took a whole different turn very quickly as users started using the hashtag to instead share negative experiences. From poor work conditions to poor food quality, this  campaign turned negative attention back to itself.


children's placeWould you like to go to a party that doesn’t require you to dress up or leave the house?  “Children’s Place” a popular clothing store hosted an on-line party in the form of a chat  to celebrate their 1 millionth FB fan milestone.  An affluent mom blogger, Densie Richard hosted it.  This successful campaign increased FB user engagement through fan acquisition and sharing. They rewarded their community for their on-going support by offering party attendees a 20% coupon and a chance to win a gift certificate. During 9-10pm of this virtual party there were 13,000 FB posts (200/min.), and over 10,000 well to do authors participated.  160% increase in new fans, and wall posts by 1900%!  For TW, an increase in the use of their hashtag increased by 53%.

Google, is great to research SM campaigns with real results.  The good stuff leading us in the direction of the “Perfect Formula”.  One day, your business can be one of these campaigns.

Julie Pangilinan

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