COM0011-521 Blog post #5: Analyze two social media case studies

We all know Nike and Adidas, they are famous sportswear firms whose products are very popular around the world. They sponsor hundreds of individual Olympians and teams.

Adidas has long history than Nike, but this time during 2012 London Olympic Nike wins. Compare with them, Nike lays more emphasis on social media than Adidas. When I open Nike’s Website, I can feel it is young and full of high technology. Nike not only sells shoes but also build a bridge to whom like exercises. Nike FuelBand, which can measure all kinds of activities and give real-time feedback, is a new feeling for customers. It opens up more ways to connect with friends. It is a smart marketing strategy, they don’t just sale tangible products, but sale intangible service.

Nike is a good example in using social media, but Nokia is not that lucky. Nokia was the best cell phone in the world, but now it downgrades to “junk”. Sumsung has surpassed Nokia, ending Nokia’s 14-year run as the world’s top handset maker. Nokia failed to respond to smart phone and the shifting consumer demand that came with it. They insist their traditional way in the network information age. No matter how successful Nokia was, if it don’t keep up with the market, and don’t know how to use social media, it won’t win.

Angel Fu

One thought on “COM0011-521 Blog post #5: Analyze two social media case studies

  1. There is no doubt that you have to stay on top of the game if you want to remain relevant. Too often firms take a leadership place in their industry and then become complacent. Can you say Blackberry? It’s ironic, really, that in an industry that is based on innovation, in which constant evolution is required, that two of the early leaders (BB and Nokia) appear to have lost their way.

    This lesson is applicable in the SM world as well, I believe. Firms that fail to see developing trends, such as the increasing importance of using SM in their marketing mix will fall by the wayside, overtaken by their competitors who use SM to “listen” to their clients and interact with them through new media.

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