COM–11-521 Blog # 4 Future trends in social media

There is no shortage of opinions as to where social media will go in the next few years.  The one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that SM is an ever-changing creature that will continue to evolve in both predicable ad unpredictable ways.  Many observers feel that big business and big brands will continue to lead the stampede towards the further adoption of social media, and that new industries that have shied away from using it to date will get on the bandwagon (See

In an article in (, Adrienne Grubb argues that the prevalence of cameras (google glass, smart phones, wearable sports cameras and other recording devices that stream live video to the Internet 24/7) will fuel an explosion of what she calls “a life logged.”  Coming to a screen — large or small — near you soon.  Soon spying on your neighbours will be even easier.

I feel that we will see an acceleration in convergence in social media, much as we have seen it in traditional media, with the bigger players buying up emerging companies that develop promising tools or technologies.  Look no further than Facebook’s move on Pinterest and Instagram for evidence of this.

I also feel that Social media will extends its inroads into the e-commerce world, and the importance of images and videos will continue to grow as SM evolves into an increasingly more visual medium.

One thought on “COM–11-521 Blog # 4 Future trends in social media

  1. It really is becoming a different world. The changes just in the past ten years have been massive. I can’t imagine what they will be even just ten years from now. I thought it was HUGE when it was announced that the Washington Post was sold to Jeff Bezos. That day, the transaction was not the lede on any of the major newscasts. I thought that was a huge indicator for where we are now with traditional media. Woodward and Bernstein have been replace by the average citizen reporter. I’m optimisitic that the newspapers that survive will be more analytical and thought provoking – fewer but better. We have social media to find out what’s new, but hopefully we can turn to credible newspapers to find out what it all means. Eventually, I suppose the term newspaper will be a cute anachronism carried over from a non-connected past.

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