COM0011-521Blog Post#4 Social Media Trends in Yoga

Everyone is building their own community within Facebook and Twitter, by adding friends and following the leaders in who they aspire to.  When it comes time to further your knowledge as a yoga teacher embarking on a yoga training is the next step.  The question is, when and where?  It’s a trend for teachers to initiate the need for continuing education via Facebook.  From the groups that can be created within Facebook you can invite the whole world.  You can see updates on who is part of the teaching faculty, who is attending, even the course outline. it becomes a social gathering adding to a teachers “tool belt”, (how much training and expertise one has).

If your single and you love yoga, what not connect with someone who also practices yoga?  Yoga social networking sites like  Yoga Romance  continue to be incredible tools to connect people into personal relationships.

Yoga Studios that broadcast online yoga classes — such as Yogaglo, Lulubandhas and YogaVibes — help bring exposure to teachers around the globe, making the yoga more accessible.

These are great examples of how social media in my industry is used to create and grow new and existing communities.

 Julie Pangilinan

2 thoughts on “COM0011-521Blog Post#4 Social Media Trends in Yoga

  1. Hi Julie, I found your post to be of an interesting read because your are right that social media can be used to unite the world on a given topic yours being ‘Yoga’.

    However, I have one suggestion to make that is that you forgot to categorize your post specifically it is our class, I believe it is COM0011: Introduction to Social Media.

  2. Hi Julie,
    I just read your post. Would you be worried that people shift towards doing yoga at home with their screen (yoga on demand, sound wrong doesn’t it?) instead of going to class? Just wondering.

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