COM0011-521 Blog Post #5: Studying Case Studies

The two case studies I have decided to analyze are the successful and hilarious Chipotle Twitter Incident, and the hilarious failure that was Amy’s Baking Company.

Lets start off with the good. Back in July Chipotle, the popular Mexican fast-food chain, sent out multiple tweets that made people think the page was either hacked, or accessed by a computer illiterate employee/grandparent. They sent out multiple tweets just saying “twitter” and “twitter Find avocado store in Arv” as if they were using Twitter like Google. People were confused and there was lots of buzz around the tweets that day. They ended up going from the regular 250 followers a day to 4,000 followers on the day the tweets went out, and were retweeted around 12,000 times within the day of the “hack”.  Chipotle ended up releasing a statement a few days later saying that the hack was fake and a planned marketing campaign for their 20th anniversary promotion.  It was a good campaign because the numbers show that it worked and got people talking which is what their goal was.

Dad this is not Google.

Now for the bad, which started off bad, but may make its way into good. Amy’s Baking Company, a locally owned restaurant based out of Scottsdale Arizona, was featured on an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmare. The episode went viral when Gordon Ramsey actually left the restaurant and refused to try and help them anymore because the owners were do difficult to work with. It was a great episode.  After it aired the company’s Facebook page exploded with negative comments. The clip made its way to the top post on the front page of Reddit and  was upvoted by around 15,000 users. The owners Amy and her husband Sammy started responding very aggressive and angrily to the negative Facebook posts, and started posting that all the “haters” are idiots and other forms of name calling. While you’d think this behaviour would ruin a restaurant forever, they ended up gaining thousands of Facebook likes, and their Google ranking is very high. Aside from all the likes and SEO the attention provided, they still do not have any real positive reviews. All of their reviews are negative and they will most likely not be anything aside from a joke company. They will never be taken seriously, and will most likely be forgotten in a few years, so I would still count them as a failed social media case.

Amy's Baking Company

Alison Collins

2 thoughts on “COM0011-521 Blog Post #5: Studying Case Studies

  1. Amy’s Baking Company really shows that after all these years of yelling at the TV that we have been waiting for the opportunity to have a voice directly with the subject and people and that we want to be heard! I find the negative feedback perfect piece of marketing as the people who watch Gordon Ramsey are always waiting for him to explode. So the audience was charged to start with and ready to pounce. The opportunity presented itself and away they went with their rants and ideas. Very interesting. Its all down to content and timing.
    Thank you
    Kerry Tilden

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