COMM0014 – Blog Post #3 – Who in the World isn’t a Photographer?

One of the things I really appreciate about photography is how an individual can participate in their own unique and individual way and we still call it photography. As a camera retailer I try to understand why my customers are buying a particular camera or accessory. For example, I have customers that really like buying cameras. Some are collectors and others always want to have the latest and greatest. They don’t necessarily take a lot of pictures, but they have the gear. Some people take landscape pictures, others might like portraits. A friend of mine likes to photograph graffiti art in interesting ways.

There are professional photographers, amateurs, hobbyists, students and teachers to name a few of the groups. For years, men dominated the profession. Women now dominate enrollment in many photography training programs. I teach an introductory course at the School of Photographic Arts Ottawa (SPAO) and the class is made up of seven women and one guy. In my class, the age range is also very wide, from early college age to retired. Some in my class want to start a photography business, most just want to enjoy it as a hobby.

The demographics in photography are as wide and varied as they come. Every year there are millions of cameras bought. Some refer to Facebook as the world’s largest photo album.

Today we take and consume more pictures than at any point in history, because how easy it is to do. But do we do it well? Do we understand how and why we are taking pictures? My blog Photo Kibitz is about understanding photography. The actual target demographic is extremely difficult to quantify in a single number, because anyone with a smart phone, or an interest is a photographer. Photography crosses all geographic borders, nationalities, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, races, and social-classes. It might be impossible to find a single person in the world that has not seen at least one photographic image in their lifetime. My podcast is available on my blog, iTunes and Stitcher Radio on Demand. Anyone in the world can listen to my podcast or read the blog. However, at this point it is restricted to people with an understanding of English and have access to the internet, which does narrow down the demographics a bit.

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