COM0013 Blog #3 City Vegetable Gardening

vegetable gardenVegetable gardens in the city.  A growing concept as more people migrate to cities and become more concerned about what is in their food and how much that produce costs.

I grew up on a farm where a large vegetable was necessary to feed our large family.  A number of years ago after I moved into a house with a small backyard I decided to plant a small vegetable garden.  Planting a vegetable garden for many city dwellers is done for various reason.  Many people have herbs and small vegetable gardens because they want a higher quality produce selection, their produce is organic.  Other people choose city gardening because it is an inexpensive way to put vegetables and herbs on the table.  And a third group of growers are those I would classify as the environmentalists, those who have concerns about fertilizers and the environmental costs involved with transporting the produce.

Though city gardening is inexpensive,  it does require time, commitment and planning.  Not a lot of space is needed for raised beds, (as shown above), and potted plants, but to increase the output of produce, one need to research growing seasons for various vegetables as well as growing space.

Generally city vegetable growers tend to be older, (not a university crowd activity), and many have children who are out of their toddler years because of the time commitment.  Many parents will use their garden as a teaching  tool for their children.  Preparation for a vegetable garden can be time consuming, the rewards are plentiful.   There are many websites and gardening classes (again often attending by those in their 30’s and 40’s), to give the new gardener ideas on how to best plan their gardening project.

I first started gardening years ago, (and yes I was in my 30’s), because it was a part of my heritage and I wanted fresher produce for my young children.  The bonus has been the money we have saved over the years by having this fresh produce in our backyard as well as the taste.   Did I mention the personal reward for all city gardeners?  A chance to be outside, get a ‘little’ bit of exercise, and know that if you do it right, you will get physical results for your efforts.


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