COM0011-521Blog Post#3

bad media

Negative and positive usage of social media is all relative depending on who is posting and who is listening.  What do you do more of?

– On the negative side of the usage of social media, there have been yoga teachers that inappropriately use their position that offends women for example inappropriately touching students.  As fast as positive messages can spread it seems like the negative stuff moves even faster, as people feed off of the dramatical side of things.  This can affects the whole brand of yoga and it can make people wary of trying it.   Hopefully not all people believe what they read, if that were the case, no one would leave their homes.

+The outcome was astounding when Joe Rios used the combination of social media and various communities, one of them being mine, Moksha Yoga for fundraising for Sears Great Canadian Run for Kids Cancer.  He was the top fundraiser in Ontario. The word was spread fast about this 100km run.  Through his reach and other friends reach, and so on, they collectively raised $2,000.000.  Nowadays, it’s so easy to donate and tell your connections that you are doing so, with just a few clicks away.

Julie Pangilinan

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