COM0011–521 Blog Post #3: How is social Media used in my Industry

I have learned art for many years, now I am an editor and graphic designer in Chinese newspaper. According to Wikipedia, graphic design is the art of communication, stylizing, and problem-solving through the use of type and image. The field is also often erroneously referred to as Visual Communication or Communication Design due to overlapping skills involved.

Visual arts is a very wide and expand field, and it closely related to social media. Ten years ago, internet is not as popular as nowadays, so most of graphic design is used on printing media, such as books, newspaper, posters or print advertisement. However, internet access everywhere increased dramatically in recent years, graphic design has to change with social media. I still remember when I designed something sevral years ago, I have to go to library or book store to get information and collect material. Now different kinds of social media help us to find what we like from the internet.

Time is money, we save an enormous amount of time in accumulate materials. We get pictures, music, and video by social media, and most important thing is we can share our ideas. There is no boundary in music, same to pictures. Picture is essential for designers, with social media, we can get what we want easily. No matter we understand the language or not, we still can use the pattern, composition or color. If words and pictures are not enough, we can exchange our ideas in forum, with discuss, we can find lots of new ideas.

Anything is a double-edged sword. Social media is so convenient, designers become more and more rely on it, because copy is always easy than create. We can see lots of similar designs on internet. Hollywood produce best cartoons, such as Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar, they use top technology to make them. Many designers began to copy, but there is a special artist Hayao Miyazaki who insists his own way make cartoon film. He uses traditional way throughout the animation process, much of the art is done using water colors. In Princess Mononoke, he used digital technology, Then he went back to traditional hand-drawn animation again. Traditional way is not as quickly as digital way, but it provides us unique feelings.

Social media is wonderful, no matter we love it or not, it is in our daily life. We can’t change others, but we can adapt ourselves.

Angel Fu

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