Social Media in the Dating World

Recently a friend of mine got engaged to her fiance whom she met online.  This got me thinking how far society has come in using social media as a tool in all aspects of their life.  She had some great success meeting someone online, although I still can’t help but feel that there are some aspects of our life where we should let nature do its course and not force media on it.

Social media has changed the way people communicate with one another.  There are some great advantages to what social media can do for us, but one negative is that people are hiding behind there computer, which becomes, in my opinion, an issue when it comes to finding the ‘love of your life!’

When it comes to dating, I think people should rely on the old fashioned face to face way. I recently read an article on CNN called Psychologists highlight pitfalls of online dating (  Basically it says how online dating has an over reliance on profiles with the photos, categories, details, likes and dislikes all provided upfront.  This should be the fun stuff in getting to know someone, but in the case of using media as a dating tool, all of this is provided to determine if you ever want to meet the individual in person.

I just think the whole process is kind of backwards, don’t get me wrong I know it does work with some people as I have seen first hand, I just think way to many people rely on it.  With sites like eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, Lavalife,, etc. we have lost sight of reality and what it’s like to meet someone in person and have an actual face to face conversation.

3 thoughts on “Social Media in the Dating World

  1. Interesting points – I definitely do agree with most of it, however the one benefit I see to using social media in this type of scenario might be if someone has been away for a long time, they moved back, all friends are at different points in life doing their own things – I could see it being a little difficult to meet people under those circumstances. But absolutely, face-to-face conversation cannot fall to the wayside, and I think in some respects it might even feel like meeting wasn’t ‘meant-to-be’ if a site matched them, as opposed to bumping into someone in line at a gas station and meeting by chance.

  2. I think that online dating sites are a useful tool to create a situation for an initial meeting. Our lifestyle habits are different than they were 30 years ago, when we would meet people at community dances, church, or social club events. These sites have replaced the “town hall” events where we would meet. It would seem to make sense to use the tool with a defined purpose – make a connection, get introduced through one or two emails, then follow-up in person. But I think what has happened is that for some people, these sites have turned into a regular part of their social lifestyle; more like an updated system for penpals. From time to time, I’ve used these sites over a number of years, and often, the same people are still on the site. It is like a subculture has evolved around the use of these sites, and their purpose as an introduction tool is actually a secondary objective.

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