COM0011-521Blog Post#2 Hot or Not?


If there was a an easy way to see what people were are saying about you, and you could easily share this with your community, would you invest in it?  Getting a sense of the on-line communities has sparked a desire for me to investigate the avenues that exists to monitor client feedback, in particular, Demandforce. This would be a portal for students to inquire about the contradictory beliefs out there on hot yoga and to guide them to a better understanding.

 Blogs on hot and non-heated yoga had much ado about if it was really good for you, or downright bad.  Some say Moksha is a “spin off” from Bikram Yoga.  Entertaining arguments of which one was better and the justifications.  People feel that Bikram is ”military style”, repetitive and mundane.   Most people felt that Moksha is a little different with every class.  Overall the majority of the people commented on the massive physical and mental benefits from the practice.

The means of using Demandforce comes with a cost, however, they promise to generate $3 in value for every $1 spent each month, or the next month is free.  Are you in?

Julie Pangilinan

5 thoughts on “COM0011-521Blog Post#2 Hot or Not?

  1. Interesting post Julie. I used to take hot yoga myself. However, I found it to be a bit more than I’m capable of handling. Not that I’m going to say that hot yoga is not that great, just that it wasn’t for me.

    I will agree with you that people get offended quickly online. However, I believe some people are simply out there to cause grief and provoke a reaction. Also, monitoring client feedback isn’t an easy task. I can see why there are no free alternatives to monitor that sort of thing.


  2. Thanks Julie. I love yoga and never heard of Moksha till now. I look forward to giving it a try one day. Yoga reaps a lot of benefits to me personally on various levels physically and spiritually. However, this does not come to play for everyone, which is ok.

    – Nicole MacDonald

  3. I have never tried hot yoga, but always wanted to. I have heard so many great things about it, like you mentioned above, but then saw an interview with Jillian Michaels and she said that the body should never get to that temperature and it had no added benefits by doing the yoga in a hot atmosphere. Either way you’re right, people have their own opinions and not everyone has to agree with them!

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