COM0014 – Blog #3: Target Audiences

My target audience is the ‘would be golfer’ and some demographics reveal some interesting numbers (

  • 2.6 million golfers in Canada
  • 600,000 are avid golfers (playing 25 rounds a year)
  • Average of 39 years of age
  • Average household income of $111,111.00

My audience would actually be the remaining 2 million golfers, plus all those below the age of 12 which are not part of these demographics. To drill even further down in these numbers, my interest being the beginner golfer, I would be targeting youth and the ever growing female golfer population. Surprisingly the beginner male golfer tends to avoid lessons and wait until they get ‘better’ on their own before paying for lessons. Of course no matter what level of golf, travelling to take lessons is not likely an option so my audience would also be limited to the Ottawa region which includes both English and French golfers.

Group lessons would be the best strategy to approach both youth and female beginner golfers, always less intimidating to start something new with a friend; compare notes and have fun with it at the same time.

The youth are key in this audience and today’s youth is tech savvy (as are most golfers, try walking into a big box golf store and you will see all the big screens and golf GPS tools). A basic blog with the correct tags and a catchy Twitter handle, linked together with a FaceBook page would target this beginner group; a more specific linkedIn account for the female population to capture the young professional looking to take lessons. Use these and other tools to provide feedback and free tips including golf drills would help cement my reputation, of course being bilingual is also and asset.  A good reputation, word of mouth (tweets, etc…), and staying current is all one needs to stay relevant in the golf instruction business.

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