COM 0011-521: Blog Post 2 – Listening to Online Communities – BORED?

Twitter   GoodLifeFitness  We re teaming up with Dare ...I am following Good Life Fitness on Twitter. I have a client in Hintonburg who has a gym called “Marshalls”. Marshall, who owns the gym, is his brand but does not reflect that yet. So we are tracking the ins and outs of what the “gyms” are discussing and posting. Frankly at this stage, I am bored. Good Life Fitness’s messages are the same old, same old. For example “We have 12 new clubs opening across Canada. Find the one closet to you – link”, and “What is your favourite healthy recipe” and “You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great“. Bored!bored

Good Life Fitness posts about what they are doing, healthy tips and inspirational quotes. But I cannot see anything different in their communication to their community that any other gym does not communicate. I feel they are preaching to the converted. Is that the strategy? Communicate with who you have. Aim to increase business and relationships with your already members?

In my experience of going to a good life fitness class and being surrounded by a sea of Lulu Lemon outfits I see their audience as being fairly young. I am often one of the oldest in the classes. I do not feel their messages are catering to their audience and offering them a unique experience to any other fitness establishment. So what are they trying to communicate?

communityGood Life Fitness has 23,279 Followers. They have only published 10,658 Tweets. I am interested in the ratio of Tweets to their followers. My observation of their on-line strategy is one of “community” with no relationship to an age group. Their followers are tweeting their successes. Good Life is responding to those that clearly are already members of a Good Life gym. It is giving their members “voice” and keeping the Good Life Community together thus maintaining their Followers loyalty and word of mouth. But it would be a nice change to hear some humour and they could add some “100 day” challenges to spice it up a bit. More focus on their young audience would be a social media slant too. It feels automated and not necessarily personal. Good news for Marshall!

Are you a Good Life member? Do you follow them on Twitter? Are you bored?

Kerry Tilden

2 thoughts on “COM 0011-521: Blog Post 2 – Listening to Online Communities – BORED?

  1. No, I’m not a Goodlife Member, and I don’t follow them either. I totally agree with what you are saying with the sea of Lululemon outfits. Interesting TW fact about them, I never thought about that ratio.

  2. Ok, I am a Goodlife Member. I do not follow them on Twitter yet, and given your Blog above, I will likely spend little or no time following them in future. I agree with you 110% that they are catering to a youth market and have no idea how to interact with anyone over 30. I notice this every time I go to the club, as most of the music, and advertising I am hit with in the environment is not designed to engage me.

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