COM 0114 Blog #2 Digital Storytelling

The most important lesson for me in this section  on “Becoming a Digital Storyteller”, is trying to find my own voice.    For me this task is also the hardest because of how it relates to my full time job. 

I presently work as a producer, writer for a daily news/political television show.  Part of my job involves writing scripts to introduce stories and to set up interviews.  The writing on the show has a particular style.  Copy that appears before a commercial break is short snappy and requires a tease to try and convince the viewer that s/he must stay tuned for another show segment.  Introductions to interviews must provide the latest relevant information while not giving away too much that the viewer turns off after a twenty second read.  And any short stories that summarize an event, has to be concise given most often the presenter only has thirty seconds for this copy read.  There is not an opportunity to allow your voice to shine, in fact if there is a voice, it is trying to imagine how the presenter themselves would likely read the intro, in their own voice.

Some of the basic tools for storytelling, such as not burying a lead, pyramid style writing, using an active and concise language, I use on a daily basis though at times I struggle to find catchy phrases because of time and interest constraints.

This lesson has really made me think about what kind of personal style I would like in my digital voice and if I were to work in another area of the communications industry, what I strengths and weaknesses I have in this area.   I think at the end of the day if I remember less is more, and if I am interested, then hopefully, I will be able to interest others.

2 thoughts on “COM 0114 Blog #2 Digital Storytelling

  1. Interesting perspective. Writing for others – whether it’s a news anchor or a business – usually involves leaving your own voice behind and adopting a more generic voice. I would find it a struggle to switch back and forth between content where I get to be expressive in my own style to a more generic voice. This is something I’ve learned about myself over the years; I am easily stuck in a rut would be one way to look at it. 😉

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