COM0011-521 Blog Post#1My Favorite Social Media Tool

My favorite Social Media tool to date is Facebook.  I remember being so intimidated when I first joined. I wasn’t sure who was reading my posts, and if should should accept people invites or not. I started a business almost two years ago, so I really had to use Facebook to stay on top of the game and to maximize the growth of my success. I remember being nervous as I would hit the enter key. I also remember thinking how ridiculous some of the posts were that people posted on their end.  Facebook is a platform for people to show off what they have and what they are doing.  I  post motivational quotes, inspiring ideas, anything relevant for both my business and personal page. I find it challenging to manage both.  I focus my time more on the business side of things.

After this course is finished, I hope to be a little more comfortable with Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, etc. I’ve learned many useful things, it’s just a matter of application now. It’s a diverse group, and everyone is really interesting.

Julie Pangilinan

3 thoughts on “COM0011-521 Blog Post#1My Favorite Social Media Tool

  1. I hear your thoughts and concerns. I think it took me a week to press “publish” on my first ever blog posting. If it helps, my experience on Facebook is “be yourself”. Don’t overthink it. It’s dialogue and if you have people “liking” your page then they want to get to know you and have a relationship with you. Sales have always been about “people buying people” social media has just brought us all a lot closer and we are listening and waiting to participate and engage with you. We have choice and we have “liked” your page because we “like” what you are doing and wish to hear more. You are in good company.
    Kerry Tilden

  2. I’m with Kerry on this one. The one thing I’d add is that this applies to all social media, not just Facebook. Social media, I find at least, is about making that personal connection with your audience. Something you definitely cannot do if you’re trying to be someone else.

  3. I’m going into this course with the same experience in social media as you and driving towards the same end result. I too just really use facebook as a social media tool, and because I have been using it forever and I’m comfortable with it. I have a twitter and instagram account that I signed up for but have no idea where to start so the accounts have been left idle! With this course I left the first blog post until the last day because I had no idea what to blog about or how to get around on wordpress. Just goes to show how we stick with things that we’re comfortable with, until we’re forced out of our comfort zone (ie. this course).
    Just to know you’re not alone!!

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