COM0011 (521): Blog Post 2

Q: What are some things you’ve discovered about online communities since you’ve started listening to online conversations?

Since the beginning of this course based on what I learned or discovered about the online community, most people use it to keep in touch with their families and friends and for staying in contact with whatever is going on in their community such as: The bus and train accident that took place last Wednesday.  And then we have those who used it for entertain purposes, such as: following a celebrities life. But using social media is not just about using for personal use, businesses also use social media to promote their products or service.

Based on listening to what others have stated about their knowledge of social media, I found that their ideas of social media is quite the same to mine.

When it comes to talking about my observations of today’s online community, I believe that the online community is becoming a vast tool for social media (may have repeated my self) .  I also learned that everything that we do is in one form or another on the web – whether we like it or not…


– Saber Nawaz

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