COM0014 – Blog #1: What I did on my vacation

So my last vacation was a family wedding on the long weekend of August. I flew all the way to Charlottetown, PEI and might I add also my first time to the East coast. I did not know what to expect other than what I was told, which was amazing food on a small island. First of all growing up on the West coast I’m already in love with seafood, so going there, I fell in love again with the halibut, oysters, mussels, and last but not least lobster. I took full advantage of all 5 days by trying as many different places as possible.ImageSo these fresh Fish n Chips were from the Water Prince Corner Shop that was featured on the food networks ‘You gotta eat here’. It was practically a half convenience store and half retro style diner. Luckily the weather was just perfect so I most definitely needed to visit a beach on the ocean close by. Brackley beach was the destination which was apart of the P.E.I National Park and only 15 minutes away from Charlottetown.

This is exactly where I discovered my favorite lobster roll on the island, if only I was able to bring some home or even be able to order it and have it flown to Ottawa ( wouldn’t that be nice). It wasn’t until I returned to the hotel to google it that I found out I was indeed correct that it was the best lobster according to various blogs and tripadvisor. I always take pictures of my plates, but that seems to be a recent trend especially with instagram. Also, I really enjoy trying local beers everywhere I travel. What I have below is a Beach Chair Lager which is not available in Ontario and that’s unfortunate. A great summer beer.

ImageWith only about 35,000 residents in Charlottetown, there isn’t much excitement going on but nonetheless it was a beautiful town to stroll through and enjoy the beautiful little shops and of course the ocean.

As for the wedding day itself, my cousin so luckily had the very first wedding reception in the brand new convention center attached to the Delta hotel right on the waterfront. Can anyone guess what was on the menu? More and more lobster 🙂

Image For an island so small and quiet, I must say the Islanders certainly know how to party and have a good time. They have a laid back feel to them that certainly distinguishes them from Ontarians.  And who would you think is the best person to try and sell you on PEI’s tourism?

ImageNone other than the Premier of PEI himself telling me all the wonderful things to see and do on “Canada’s Green Province”.

I had a solid 5 days on the Island but to anyone looking to travel there, it’s just perfect for a nice relaxing holiday in a beach house by the ocean. Fresh food and friendly people, we truly live in a diverse country we should all be very proud of.

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