COM0015 Blog Post #1 Social Media

I Like           I must be brutally honest before I begin this Blog, and I will probably be brutally honest throughout the entire thing, I have never written or cared much for Blogs.  having said that I am I fan of other social media such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and now the new and popular vine.  I find my self-interested in these social media tools for one reason and one reason only, they’re short and sweet.  The social media tools I listed all with the exception of Facebook have character limits or time limits. I personally find that with other tools and often blogs I find my self disengaged and no longer have interested in the story, I find they can be too long and dragged on. Personally I feel that social Media is a quick way to get the facts of a story’s as quick as possible, which is why my two preferred and favourite Social Media tools are twitter and Facebook.

My hands down favourite Social Media tool which I find my self on at least 3-4 times an hour is Twitter.  As a huge sports enthusiast and as someone who wants to work in the professional sports field twitter allows me to keep updated with trades scores injuries and even what the players are doing in their down time.  Twitter usually comes from a First hand source, for example if the Ottawa Senators have a trade they want to announce the Media rep will send out a tweet, a message directly from the Ottawa Senators, not a fan or reporter.  Twitter’s 140 Character count prevents what I call “novels” it forces the user to get straight to the point almost like a headline in a news paper article except a tweet gives you all the key information right Bobby Ryan's response to being dealt to the Sensaway unlike news paper articles that try to catch your eye ill-use the Sens again as an example, when the Sens traded for the very talented forward Bobby Ryan news papers had headlines such “Sens center of Block Buster Trade” the headline catches your eye and has you wanting to read more.  Twitter on the other hand simply says the Sens traded for Anaheim Forward Bobby Ryan and may include a link to the teams website where more details on money and contracts are listed.  Twitter also has the ability to tag people and use “Hashtags” once again the sens tweet I was able to like “@b_ryan9” and see his response to being dealt to the senators I was also able to click the hashtag #sens and see what other people were saying about the trade.  For me twitter almost makes you feel like you are apart of the team you can stay updated with franchises players or even business all from your cell phone now.

The second Social media tool I find my self using is Facebook, But I do not use it for the same purpose as I use Twitter.  Facebook to me is more of a “Keep in touch” tool, I primarily use I to see what friends are doing, who did the most embarrassing things on the weekend ect.  When ,Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook his intention was to find out who was dating or sleeping with who in his school, and that pretty much what I use it for.  Facebook does come with great features for small business also the ability to upload photos and link blog posts, it’s an online scrapbook for businesses.  Facebook Really puts the Social in social media, people these days upload everything to Facebook just by logging onto Facebook and checking your news feed you can tell about some ones mood, where they ate lunch and where they have been thanks to the current location tool Facebook created, before Facebook if you wanted this kind of information on people you had to go to a small town dinner for breakfast to get the “scoop”.


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