COM0014 – Blog #1: What I Did on My Vacation


What an interesting term when you think about it. We all get time off; either from work, schooling and some of us take time away from life just to hide for a while. At this point I don’t have an option to hide and sometimes when I take time off from work it is for schooling so that defeats the purpose.

This summer was a wash out for me and a family vacation, both our boys were involved with Sea Cadet Camp and that left all of two weeks which they took off (really not sure how that works but they went sailing), and we went to work.

The last vacation I can claim as mine doesn’t actually date that far back, Feb 2013, and is now a tradition with myself and a few friends, “The Bowser Invitational”. It is a guy’s only, friendly golf tournament. I started this back in 2000 as a way to escape life for a week-end with a few friends and now has become a winter golf trip anticipated by this small group of select individuals who remain friends despite long road trips and many rules infractions.

It takes about 4 months to get this trip together from planning to execution, anyone else out there ever try to herd cats? At times it seems this will never get off the ground but inevitably the regulars show-up. What we have is a regular group of 12 friends but rarely can we round up 12, the most we have ever had was 11 in a year where the event was in my home town in June, and they all stayed at my house with their spouses and kids…26 people!!! Who out there can claim that for 3 day week-end?

Since that faithful week-end (and the most understanding wife a guy could ask, often beg, for) it has become the winter trip which equates to somewhere down south. This past trip was held in Wallace Georgia at one of the State Parks, Little Ocmulgee, nice facility and while the accommodations were a little on the old side and could use updating we were not there to spend time in our rooms.

This was one of the smallest groups in a while, only four of us, some traditions were maintained; first foremost is my golf outfits which you can tell from the pictures make me stand out in a crowd. The rest of the pictures display what is a group of guys having fun and every tournament has a winner and also in our case the Most Honest Golfer (highest score).

This is one vacation that is truly about the journey and not the destination as we take full advantage of the first open course on the way down to stop and get the rust out. The evolution of a week-end get away which is now a drive from Ottawa to ‘somewhere’ south and a mini-van for a weeklong trip means I have proof that the best wife in the world is in my wedding photos.

Anyone else out there have something grow like this? Was it by necessity? Because now I feel compelled to keep this going…as a matter of fact planning for BI 2014 starts this week-end…hummm…any good idea where we could go?

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