COMM011-521 – Blog #1 My Favourite Social Media Tool

It’s funny how some of us get dragged into the social media world.  I dipped my foot into Facebook waters a number of years ago and came away wondering what the big deal was.  Then my two kids – now 20 and 24 – started using Facebook, and suddenly it became one of the most effective ways for mom and dad to keep in touch with them. “You wanna’ figure out where I’m at Dad, you’re gonna’ have to do it on my terms.”  Indeed.

I have found that a number of folks in my age group — north of 50 – were drawn into Facebook for the same reason. It’s a way to keep in touch with children who are away at school, have moved out or who hate talking on the phone.  Pick any two of those and chances are a disdain for Alexander Graham Bell’s “old technology” will be on your list if you have, or had, teenage children.

Nonetheless, over the years I have grown to appreciate the usefulness and broad reach of Facebook, and now count myself among those who have more than one Facebook account.  I have one that I use for personal contacts, and a second one that I use to reach a key client group for my photography business – teenage hockey players (

Along the way my list of Facebook friends grew to include siblings, relatives, business associates, and other like-minded people whose paths I have crossed.  I find it a useful way to keep in touch with people that I don’t see very regularly, those that I am not inclined to write a “hi, how ‘ya doin’” e-mail to.

3 thoughts on “COMM011-521 – Blog #1 My Favourite Social Media Tool

  1. I’ve just branched out into Twitter and it’s growing on me! Yesterday, I joined a chat about travel, and I actually felt connected to total strangers. It’s quite different than Facebook in that way. I love Facebook for keeping up with friends and family.

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