COM011 Blog Post #1 – Tools & Sources

It seems like every day there’s a new social network asking me to pay attention to them.  For good reason too.  A lot of money can be made from being a successful social network.  Yet I keep sticking with three tried and true favourites.  Not because they’re novel ways of communicating but because they each provide an invaluable tool in my daily life.

My primary tool is Facebook.  It’s been a great way of keeping in touch with friends and keeping up with any important events or birthdays.  However, it’s been a wonderful tool for keeping me organized with a multitude of events going on.  Since the advent of Facebook, I feel I’m much more organized than I ever used to be.

My second go to network of choice would have to be Twitter.  Twitter is where I turn to find out what is happening and fast.  I’m also able to actively gauge public reaction to something far better than by listening to TV pundits.  Take the Presidential debates just this past year.  Instantaneously you knew who was winning the debate from the public’s reaction to it on Twitter.

As for my third social network, it would have to be YouTube.  That may surprise you since it’s known for turning out memes asking ‘What does the fox say?’ or creating words like ‘rickrolling’.  However, I know I can also turn to YouTube for thoughtful insights I wouldn’t get anywhere else.  It’s also proven to be a fantastic equalizer between the media and its audience who can now actively engage with them through comments and video responses.  Like Twitter, you can know pretty quickly what issues matter most to people by being on YouTube for a bit.  The difference being that YouTube is a bit slower but you get a bit more depth from its content.

That’s not to say I’m above a good meme or two but these three networks provide great tools in my life as well.  Facebook will keep me organized.  Twitter and YouTube will keep me up to date with things that matter. That said, all three will provide me with a ton of cat memes too.

Raffaele Furgiuele

3 thoughts on “COM011 Blog Post #1 – Tools & Sources

  1. Oh, I get tons of birthday wishes on Facebook, even from people that I haven’t spoken to in a while. Definitely makes me feel good. As for ‘cat memes’ think about things that spread quickly and virally across the internet that involve cats. Since you’re on Facebook, I’m assuming you must have seen the grumpy cat pictures. That’s an example of a cat meme.

  2. I agree with you about sticking with your favourites.. My number one is facebook. I love how it keeps you connected with everyone, their birthdays and big life events. There are numerous people that I have re connected with over facebook, I think it’s a great tool.

  3. Like you, I often find that I revert back to using these three social media channels the most, although I have dabbled in a few others. It is not surprising that YouTube is on the list, as it is the go-to place for many people nowadays to get instant videos. Since it’s ownership by Google, I also find that YouTube has a larger variety of videos, including documentaries and intellectual material…so although I too enjoy my funny videos, I can admit to learning a few “smart” things from YouTube.

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